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Pat Bybee sent me an email this past Monday

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She was a tough cookie. She was also well respected, chair of RESO, outspoken, industry vet of over 27 years. And she was fun. On more than one occasion Pat, I and a few others heard the “last call” yelp at a hotel lobby bar. Sometimes only leaving when the security men started showing up.

In the late 90’s I had been contacted by Metrolist about our product, Lightning. They were looking for an alternative access solution for their MLS system. I flew out, and met Pat in her office. I remember thinking how well she dressed. She also gave off an almost regal vibe. The meeting was all business. She did’t suffer fools lightly. I gave her a demo, she asked a bunch of questions, I asked her a bunch of questions. Soon I came to the realization that Lightning wasn’t going to help them. As she was explaining a use case I just flatly said to her. “Pat, I totally understand what you are looking for but I don’t think Lightning is going to be able to help.”. She looked at me, almost stunned. She asked me another set of questions, and I repeated my answer.

With the meeting ended I gathered up my stuff to leave. Then she said to me, “Thanks for coming out and thanks for not bullshiting me.”

Ever since, anytime I’ve seen her, she always gave me a hug.

Earlier this week, Monday, I got an email from Pat. She wanted make sure I knew she was still looking for another gig and if I heard of anything to drop her a line. She also ended with this.

Thanks Greg. I love Vendor Alley…..one thing I really miss is hearing industry dialog.”

Hope you are well, I know you are laughing.

Best Regards,

I’m not laughing today, I doubt any of us are. Rest In Peace Pat.

  1. Greg, thanks for posting your story about working (and playing) with Pat. She was all of that.

    I’m grieving along with many others on the shocking news this week. I have been seeking a way to smile and you just gave that to me.

    Another long-standing friend of Pat’s encouraged those of us who knew her to “raise a glass of oaky and expensive Chardonnay in Pat’s honor”.

    So here’s to Pat. We miss you.

    Kevin McQueen – Focus Forward

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