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Zillow as Craigslist

by Greg Robertson on March 18th, 2013

Zillow: The most comprehensive list of real estate for sale in America.

“In addition, we all know that every house is for sale. As a consumer, what better place is there to research homes that are not on the market? It doesn’t matter if the data is perfect. As a consumer, it’s the *best* I can find. Go ahead and tell me the data sucks. I don’t care. My bet is, neither do many of your customers.”

Spot on analysis from Todd. Looks like he doesn’t care to “find it first“. Also, I wonder why he used Zillow in his analysis instead of Trulia?

  1. Thanks Greg, I used Zillow because Trulia does not accept For Sale By Owner Listings. Zillow does, and also lists, “Make Me Move” listings that are sort of like FSBO’s. In addition, Zillow’s database of distressed homes is more complete if you log-in.

  2. Robert Drummer permalink

    Another way to read it may be: “Yes, Zillow is shit, but it’s the most complete shit and far shittier than Trulia’s shit”.

    In an alternate-universe-sort-of-way, it’s a complement to Trulia’s less shitty shit.

  3. Greg Robertson permalink

    @Todd Should there be a “yet” added to the end of your statements? ; )

  4. Greg, I’m not sure Trulia will go down that road. However, I’m not sure they won’t either.

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