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Errol Samuelson gets promoted.

Samuelson_ErrolErrol Samuelson Appointed Move’s Chief Strategy Officer
Seasoned leader promoted into newly created role to guide company strategy

“Move’s return to double-digit growth is due in part to the changes made in personnel, technology infrastructure, and revenue streams. The company is uniquely positioned to lead the Real Estate industry, and to rapidly grow revenue. “It is precisely this environment and opportunity that makes Errol’s appointment exciting,” Berkowitz said. “In his new role, Errol will work closely with me to define the vision, strategy and future direction of Move. He will also explore new areas where Move can expand its offerings.”

High, and well deserved praise from Steve Berkowitz, Move’s CEO. Looks like Errol will also continue as president of Realtor.com. Awhile back I had heard rumors Errol was “exploring new opportunities” but this seems to show he has chosen his path.

Errol deserves all the praise, he really “gets it”. He is the big reason why I think you can’t underestimate Move. Congrats to Move for recognizing what a truly creative and talented leader they have with Errol.

Update: Also a good interview with Errol about his new position here:

Errol Samuelson Named Chief Strategy Officer Of Move

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