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Is ListHub playing favorites? Part II

I might be beating a dead horse here but I’m still a bit confused. Based on the comments of my last post on this subject here’s what I understand to be true.

Trulia must get permission from brokers and MLS providers for a free app that provides leads to agents.

Zillow doesn’t need to get permission to power a free app, Google Now, using ListHub data. They can just zip up a data file and send it directly to Google, no permission required, no questions asked.

What am I missing here?

  1. Keep it up Greg, I think you’re getting closer to the real reason this issue exists. Just follow the money. It always provides the answer, of devious intentions or not.

  2. Hello Greg, I think that there is one key issue being overlooked here – many MLSs (including mine) have been very specific in their demands that ListHub or any other similar company NOT allow for derivative works using the ListHub content – consumer apps are still advertising and should be allowed, but aren’t agent-based mobile apps for different uses? It’s a gray area – I don’t see any favorites being played here – ListHub does allows the Trulia consumer app without question — but this agent app could be viewed as a derivative product and in my humble opinion, ListHub is taking the high road and honoring their promises to MLSs that have been insistent about this issue. Personally, I can’t fault them for that.

  3. @Merri Jo Well said, and I understand what you are saying.

    But my larger point is if Trulia’s Agent App is a derivative product, then how is Google’s NOW not? Why is Zillow use not derivative and Trulia is?

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