Where Real Estate Gets Its Dirt

PropertyInfo and zipLogix partner.

PropertyInfo Corporation and zipLogix to Provide an Integrated Forms and Transaction Management Process for the Real Estate Industry.

Tom Groom, Senior Vice President, Title and Realty Technology for PropertyInfo Corporation:

““We now have the most widely used forms and transaction management systems working together to provide the powerhouse of integrations for our customers. This will mark a truly integrated process for real estate agents and brokers from start to finish.”

Both are part of the old guard. And this looks like they both have decided to team up and enter the fray together. The transaction management game is heating up.

  1. The more TM platforms we have the less likely we are to have any widespread adoption until such time that we have a common document interface that any and all TM systems can access. Otherwise every “automated” transaction will take twice as long – entering data in two systems per transaction.

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