Where Real Estate Gets Its Dirt

Worry warts.

“If we all banned together, we could put Zillow and Trulia out of business”

Todd Carpenter:

“Brokers and agents seem to spend a lot of time worrying about Trulia and Zillow; they aren’t the competition. They’re just the tools your competitor is using to try to outperform you in your market. You may decide these tools are good for you. You may decide you’re better off without them. Waxing poetic about their demise is a waste of time. Worry about your competitors, not the tools.”

Todd nails it.

  1. Great stuff. I would add that worrying about competitors is a waste of time as well. Instead, focus on your customers’ needs, and exceeding their expectations. Technically there is no competition if you do that correctly. 😉

  2. “Worrying is stupid. Its like walking around with an umbrella waiting for it to rain.”

    ― Wiz Khalifa

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