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Why Move, Inc. bought Doorsteps.

Move Inc. Acquires Doorsteps

“Doorsteps educates and empowers buyers in a well-designed, visual and streamlined way to equip them for home ownership from start to finish. It provides a shared online workspace between buyers and agents, resulting in smarter lead generation and matching. Connecting people with loan officers early in the buying process ensures they can guide clients to the best loan options and financial services to help them — well before closing on a home.”

Seems like this is more of an “acqui-hire”, and a damn smart one. Some might find it a bit counter-intuitive to buy a company focused on buyers in a red-hot sellers market but I think there is a larger trend here. The trend is design.

Doorsteps is beautifully designed. And when I speak of design I’m not talking about how the site looks (which is beautiful BTW) but how the mission of the company flows through their entire app. Design is becoming more and more important to consumers now. Apple has led the way in this, people just don’t want a product to work, but they want their products beautiful and easy to use.

When you look at the recent changes that MOVE, Inc. has been making (new logo, site design, etc.) you can tell that design is becoming a big focus. The question is will they be able to make these changes more than skin deep.

Congrats to Michele Serro and her great team at Doorsteps and Move, Inc. Things are getting super interesting in this space and I can’t wait to see what this infusion of talent will bring to Realtor.com.

  1. Greg, I’d add that they are buying branding and vision. Michele and her team have done a splendid job building a meaningful experience and yes, a great user experience, and they’ve also created a product with a clear storyline.

    So many companies in the real estate world are missing that.

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