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DotLoop gets sued. Several organizations file cease and desists.

Screen Shot 2013-05-20 at 8.02.04 AMLast week wasn’t so great for DotLoop. It was disclosed LoopNet filed a lawsuit against Dotloop for a Trademark Infringement. Which I think is ridiculous but I did find this tidbit in the “Answer and Jury Demand” document interesting.

“4. Defendant admits that dotloop was founded as “MLS Contracts” in 2008 and that its name was changed to “dotloop” in 2009.”

“MLS Contracts”? What a hoot! The more disturbing thing I’ve heard is that several state, local and MLS providers has issued Dotloop cease and desist letters for improperly using forms and contracts in their software. As most vendors know in this space forms are copyrighted and it takes a significant amount of time and resources to obtain licenses for these forms. Lets hope DotLoop does the right thing and honors these copyrights and licenses.

UPDATE: I also forgot to mention the news that Docusign acquired Cartavi. Like I said, not a good week.

  1. It could be worse, the senders of the C&Ds haven’t stumbled on to 18 USC § 2319…yet.

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