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C.A.R. protects its form turf from dotloop

US’s largest Realtor association to dotloop: ‘Hands off our forms’

The California Association of Realtors (CAR), the largest state Realtor association in the U.S. and owner of forms software provider zipLogix, has told the transaction management software provider dotloop that users cannot fill out the association’s copyrighted forms using dotloop’s software. – See more at: http://www.inman.com/2013/06/06/uss-largest-realtor-association-to-dotloop-other-competitors-hands-off-our-forms/#sthash.0vdahjH7.dpuf

A bit of background from a previous post and more good reporting from Paul Hagey at Inman News. This is a massive speed bump for dotloop. As to the question of whether or not this move stifles innovation, obviously it does.

But without massive pressure from their members it seems unlikely C.A.R. will license their forms anytime soon. I’ve heard some suggest that dotloop might take legal action, but at their current burn rate I would seriously doubt it.

  1. For me it’s not about licensing, it’s about whether as a paying members I should be able to choose how I want to fill a contract. It stinks that I can’t fill out a contract on pdexpert, because I like their product a lot better than zidforms. I’m guessing people are having the same issus with trying to use dotloop.

    Imaging getting paper forms from CAR and them telling you, you can only fill these out with bic pens, and oh yeah btw, we own bic pens.

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