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Move, Inc. renews contract with Microsoft.

by Greg Robertson on June 18th, 2013
Spencer Rascoff, CEO of Zillow

Spencer Rascoff, CEO of Zillow

Nice win for Move, Inc.

Was anyone else surprised that Microsoft sold the name HomeAdvisor to ServiceMagic? I guess I missed/forgot the news last year.

Also I looooooove this little tidbit from Move, Inc.’s press release….

““We know that Microsoft had a number of choices in online realtor partners and are pleased to announce our continued long-standing relationship with MSN to deliver the most accurate and trusted real estate information to the MSN community,” said Barbara O’Connor, executive vice president of marketing for Move, Inc.”

In a nutshell, what Barb is saying, is Move, Inc. won the business from Zillow.

And there’s nothing sweeter than kicking your competitors ass on their home turf (Seattle).

Congrats to everyone at Move, Inc.

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