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MREDpalooza lives up to the hype.

I’ve been down on trade shows lately. Most of the time the organizations putting on an event don’t do a very good job. Poor attendance, or lack of traffic, etc. But Russ Bergeron and his crew at MRED showed us how its done.

We had our single best day for Cloud CMA Power Pack orders. I also spoke to a few other vendors and heard the “best day ever” comment more than a few times. The place was rocking for 7 hours straight. I probably left some money on the table by not having another person in the booth with me, it was that crazy.

But the biggest take away I had was how MRED just raised the bar on how I look at other events and where I’m going to spend my money in the future. We got a helluva bang for our buck at MREDpalooza. I can think of other events, I did last year, that had LESS than half (way less!) the attendance of MREDpalooza and cost me MORE money.

Those phone calls are going to start with something like “MRED had over 3,000 people attend their conference and I spent X, how many do you expect?”

  1. App stores have their place, but are like buying a house on the internet sight unseen. You need someone to guide you along and answer your questions.

    Thanks for the kind words Greg – we are completing our tally today – my guess it was somewhere between 4000 and 5000.

  2. Exceptional focus on those things that vendors of ‘value-add’ solutions can bring to the table for agents and brokers.
    As a former vendor and someone responsible for trade-show budgets etc, I’d have to chime in and echo Greg Robertson’s assessment.
    I did miss the ladies who sell scarfs, the guy with the orthotic insoles, the fellow selling Urine Off and, magnets…I didn’t see any magnets!
    Great job MRED.

  3. Thanks John. We wanted to make sure the first event was successful before bringing in the big guns like scarves, jewelry, magnets, etc. Although Greg did say that Fabio might be available again.

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