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Clareity Consulting and New York Law Firm launch (Stroock & Stroock) REDPLAN

by Greg Robertson on July 9th, 2013



REDPLAN is NOT a data aggregator.
REDPLAN is NOT a data syndicator.
REDPLAN is NOT a data licensor.
REDPLAN is NOT an organization that mandates policies.
REDPLAN is NOT a replacement for your local attorney.
REDPLAN is NOT a for-profit company.

REDPLAN is an organization focused on advocating for real estate intellectual property rights and copyright best practices, providing a “central office” for alerts and advisories concerning data theft and misuse, acting as a clearing-house for litigation strategy and – through an associational standing position – providing an organization to help class actions take hold against those violating industry copyright and data license agreements.”

A huge/messy/complicated undertaking in my opinion. You have to applaud these guys for organizing this effort. Getting everyone on the same page will be key. I think it’s smart of them to involve vendors, currently the founding members include Jay Gaskill from RED, and Martin Scrocchi from Instanet Solutions.

I have lots of questions, and it will be interesting to see what fruits this will bear.

Andrea Brambila at Inman did a good post on some the goals and challenges of REDPLAN, see the link below.

New group to coordinate action against MLS ‘data pirates’.

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  1. Wayne Kerr permalink

    Your recent post regarding REDPLAN seems to support the C.A.R. stance against dotloop. Thoughts?

  2. Greg Robertson permalink

    @wayne. If I was in a conversation with dotloop and C.A.R. I would say to dotloop, “quit stealing and being douchebags about it”. Then I would turn to CAR and say, “quit being dicks and come up with a fair license”.

  3. Matt Cohen permalink

    “Huge/Messy/Complicated”? Yes! Nothing worth doing is easy.

    Thankfully, a lot of talented people are piling on to help make this happen. I wouldn’t even really say it’s Clareity and Stroock & Stroock launching this – it’s bigger than us. We’re just some of the early volunteers.

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