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Clareity Consulting and New York Law Firm launch (Stroock & Stroock) REDPLAN

Via red-plan.org


REDPLAN is NOT a data aggregator.
REDPLAN is NOT a data syndicator.
REDPLAN is NOT a data licensor.
REDPLAN is NOT an organization that mandates policies.
REDPLAN is NOT a replacement for your local attorney.
REDPLAN is NOT a for-profit company.

REDPLAN is an organization focused on advocating for real estate intellectual property rights and copyright best practices, providing a “central office” for alerts and advisories concerning data theft and misuse, acting as a clearing-house for litigation strategy and – through an associational standing position – providing an organization to help class actions take hold against those violating industry copyright and data license agreements.”

A huge/messy/complicated undertaking in my opinion. You have to applaud these guys for organizing this effort. Getting everyone on the same page will be key. I think it’s smart of them to involve vendors, currently the founding members include Jay Gaskill from RED, and Martin Scrocchi from Instanet Solutions.

I have lots of questions, and it will be interesting to see what fruits this will bear.

Andrea Brambila at Inman did a good post on some the goals and challenges of REDPLAN, see the link below.

New group to coordinate action against MLS ‘data pirates’.

  1. Your recent post regarding REDPLAN seems to support the C.A.R. stance against dotloop. Thoughts?

  2. @wayne. If I was in a conversation with dotloop and C.A.R. I would say to dotloop, “quit stealing and being douchebags about it”. Then I would turn to CAR and say, “quit being dicks and come up with a fair license”.

  3. “Huge/Messy/Complicated”? Yes! Nothing worth doing is easy.

    Thankfully, a lot of talented people are piling on to help make this happen. I wouldn’t even really say it’s Clareity and Stroock & Stroock launching this – it’s bigger than us. We’re just some of the early volunteers.

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