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Homes.com adds “parallax” design elements to homepage.

Homes.com Mock proof 2You got to love competition. It drives companies to come up with new and enticing ways of capturing our business. Homes.com has decided add a little pizzazz to their homepage by introducing “parallax” design elements. Instead of describing it, you need to see if for yourself. So check it out now at Homes.com.

Some people might call this trendy but I’m kind of a sucker for it. A friend of mine had forwarded me this link of another site http://www.stickin.ag/#stickin (in Germany), that also did a fantastic job with these type of design elements. Apple is also exploring parallax views in their new iOS 7 operating system.

All of the portals have content “below the fold”, but it seems to be more about SEO juice than anything else. To that end Homes.com has used these elements not just for show, but to highlight core assets of the site, (local agents, homes for sales, and other content marketing), which works well in my opinion.

But the real test will be if this new design drive more engagement. How long or quickly this new design stays up with give us the answer.

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