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Crazy Rumor Alert! – NAR may keep “chains” on Realtor.com

Screen Shot 2013-07-23 at 12.34.07 PMIf this rumor is true you have to wonder who’s holding the brain at NAR.

Despite a lot of rhetoric of, “unchaining” Realtor.com, NAR may leave Realtor.com operating agreement fully in place, with no changes. Period.

I’m sure they are prepping the champagne bottles at Trulia and Zillow’s offices if this turns out to be true.

This got me thinking. What if this is true? What is the alternative? What type of message does that send to their membership and the market itself.

This “secret” meeting of board of directors reminds me of when they pick a Pope. But instead of white smoke coming from the chimney will Dale Stinton come out waving a white flag of surrender to Trulia and Zillow?

Talk about “Holy Shit!”

  1. My fear is that the MLS’s will sink this again because a free and unfettered realtor.com may be too close to a national MLS. Forget what the insiders say, perception is reality and the public thinks that Zillow and Trulia are both a national MLS already! The original plan for RPR was too frightening and it was neutered before it left the paddock to the starting gate. Does anyone remember the first proposal before it was called RPR?

    That plan had local MLS’s becoming paid points of entry and data validation for the National Gateway Repository. The plan was for any REALTOR to access reliably validated listing information and past history on ANY parcel of land in the country. Local MLS information would be appended onto parcel records. Go figure, it was too focused on the needs of the members, not the bottom line of the MLS’s.

    Check your old 2007 copies of Real Estate Business (from CRB) quoting Gary Thomas.

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