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Makers Of Hand Crafted Software….

by Greg Robertson on August 2nd, 2013

We hired a local artist, Alex, to do hand painted lettering for our front door. It came out great!

The music is from the store below our office. They sell bikinis. ‘Nuff said.

From → Fun, Love

  1. Stu Siegel permalink

    Nothing like Hand Crafted software!

    Leave it to you Greg to find office space over a bikini shop 😉

  2. John Whitney permalink

    Good thing you waited until this week 😉

  3. David permalink

    Hey Greg
    Maybe you could get someone from downstairs to become your spokesperson?

  4. Kevin Greene permalink

    I just like that your office is at 123 Main St.

  5. Adrese permalink

    Hmmm.. still waiting for our invite! 😉

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