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Realty One CEO faces charges of sexual harassment.

Vile Complaint Against Realty CEO

” The 14-page lawsuit contains a litany of accusations against Jewgieniew, including that he “threw her on her desk, ripped her pants off, abused and raped her while holding her down, hurting her, and bruising her arm”.”

Just horrible if these accusations are true. Locally here in Orange County Realty One has been having a lot of success. The whole article just left me stunned.

  1. This information doesn’t shock me in the least. I worked with him as a manager in Las Vegas for about a year and I can tell you, unequivocally, that he enjoys power over women. He fear-mongers, manipulates, spies, and harasses. He was toxic to work for and I loved my job but had no choice but to resign. I think she is brave for coming forward and I hope that the truth comes out and that he gets exposes for who is he before other people get hurt (my guess is there is a laundry list already).

  2. The truth always comes out! Even if you are afraid that something bad might happen to you for telling the truth, don’t be afraid to stand up and tell it. I was fired after achieving some great results in a start up branch. Problem was: I didn’t like what he was doing and he knew it. I had to be fired because I was a positive influence and he didn’t want me there…So much more will come out. Agents need to know: YOU ARE KNOWN BY THE COMPANY YOU KEEP! …OR THE COMPANY YOU WORK FOR!

  3. I am a former Manager of ROG in Southern California. I opened an office for him and built it into 113 agents within 10 months. The most profitable in that time. I was fired with no cause or explanation. I was replaced by an Unlicensed ROG Manager from Nevada. I personally know of several employee tax violations and mingling of funds to the
    Escrow company from my office. I was not surprised when I was notified 3 months ago about these charges. I know the victim and she is a professional and wonderful lady. It breaks my heart. I am so proud of her for coming forward. There will be others. Unfortunately, some still work at ROG and are afraid for their jobs. And yes, many of us fear for our safety. His business practices and lack of morals will bring him down.

  4. I agree that the business allegations are no surprise. Someone will discover the amount of financial abuse that happens at ROG. Several Vendors have been harrassed about not ‘paying’ ROG a high fee just to work with ROG agents. Tax evasion in California regarding not paying employment tax is a big problem. I know of several ’employees’ that were paid with a 1099 is if they were independent contractors.

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