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Introducing the Cloud CMA Bookmarklet

Very excited to share a new enhancement for Cloud CMA customers and MLS providers.

The Cloud CMA Bookmarklet.

When we developed Cloud CMA we based MLS data retrieval on ad hoc queries to MLS RETS servers using MLS numbers. We also created a Cloud CMA API using this methodology. Our hope was that MLS Vendors and real estate software developers would find ways to tightly integrate Cloud CMA with their own systems. And using MLS numbers as the method for doing this was something simple and easy to understand.

The API paid off, and is still paying off. To date we have had many MLS Vendors who integrate Cloud CMA in to their products. These include the following:

flexMLS by FBS
Paragon MLS and Paragon XL MLS by LPS
Rapattoni MLS by Rapattoni
connectMLS by DynaConnections
Discover MLS

I’m sure I’m forgetting a few. And keep in mind each MLS Provider much give permission to the MLS Vendor to turn the integration on. But all of the MLS Vendors/Providers on the above list have done a fantastic job of integrating a quick and easy way of sending MLS numbers to Cloud CMA so we can retrieve data.

While we believe a tight integration using the Cloud CMA API is the best solution, we wanted to have a solution for MLS Vendors with a full development schedule or with MLS Systems they are not supporting as much as they used to.

Enter the Cloud CMA Bookmarklet.

Bookmarklet Closeup

What’s a bookmarklet you might ask? A bookmarklet is a bookmark that can issue commands to your browser.

We have had a lot of experiences working with the bookmarklets with our launch of Dwellicious back in 2008. So this wasn’t new to us.

The basic premise of the new Cloud CMA Bookmarklet is when a user is on the display search results of their MLS system they can simply click the Cloud CMA Bookmarklet, choose the report the type of report they want to make, and Cloud CMA instantly launches with the correct MLS numbers. It’s pretty cool.


For more information and a full video tutorial please visit http://bookmarklet.cloudcma.com

Currently the bookmarklet is specific to each MLS provider. Here’s a current list of compatible MLS providers.

MetroList Prospector (Rapattoni)
MRIS (Matrix)
CRMLS (Matrix)
Utah Real Estate (Proprietary)
NTREIS (Tempo)

But I’d be willing to bet that these might work with other MLS providers. For instance, I’d be interested in hearing if the bookmarklet works with HAR’s Tempo MLS system, or maybe with NWMLS Matrix System.

We’ve tested it on Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer X.X (Because of Tempo MLS). It also works great on an iPad.

Screen Shot 2013-09-01 at 1.42.40 PM

Our final goal will be for the bookmarklet to work with all major MLS systems. But for now we need to tailor them to each MLS Provider. If you want your MLS added (tested?) to the list please don’t hesitate to contact me at greg at wrstudios dot com

As I mentioned before we believe a tight integration using the Cloud CMA API is still the best option, but this offers a great option for those looking to implement something sooner than later.

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