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Reciprocal Deep Linking. Is it the future of MLS data sharing?

California has always been a hot bed of MLS politics and a place of innovation, when it comes to sharing MLS data.

Remember the MLS Alliance? How about Mercado? CARETS is still going strong. Quattro ring a bell? And who could forget the calREDD disaster? It seems whenever MLS providers want to share data, politics get in the way. But a group of MLS professionals believe they have the answer to change the way MLS providers share data, without the politics.

MetroList Services, Inc., i-Tech MLS, Rapattoni and MOVE announced earlier this month a new way, using MOVE’s Find application, to share listing detail records from the source MLS system. They do this with reciprocal deep linking, I’m calling it RDL.

To be honest when I first read the press release I was a bit nonplussed. Seemed just like another MLS data share agreement. But the twist on this is subtle. Using Find and SSO its possible for a MLS member in Sacramento to view the actual MLS property detail page on any cooperating MLS provider’s system. But here the brilliant part, the only thing that each MLS provider must agree to is an offer of cooperation and compensation. Boom.

Here’s a few screen shot to show you how it works:

SSO to Find from within participating MLS system.

Property Search results on Find. Click on the Property Address to display the Find Detail page.

On Find detail page, click on ‘View details on i-Tech’ (cooperating MLS system.)

i-Tech (cooperating MLS system) MLS property detail sheet displays.

Tom Beede, CEO of MetroList Services put it this way, “Reciprocal deep linking is the most cost-effective way to provide real estate agents with access to confidential information on for sale properties, because it’s free.”

Granted there are a few integration points that must be handled, but MOVE, Rapattoni, MetroList Services and i-Tech have already proven the model. Is this the future? Time will tell. The best thing is seeing MLS professionals continue to drive innovation to help them seek solutions to their challenges.

  1. Without FIND as a professional quality add on, the only thing individual MLS’s seem to be doing is forcing agents to use Zillow and Trulia in their business.

    Speaking of Compensation, is NJ the only state that has made compensation a law?? Every listing agent must describe to the seller how their commission will be split with all potential cooperating licensees. Of course cooperation among all state licensees is a law and nothing in the legislated listing language mentions compensating only “users of my MLS.”

  2. But we share data with all other Find members as well that share back! This is a great tool and a reason to use the Find product as a MLS… It is a GREAT tool! We have been sharing data for well over 2 years with ANY MLS that share the data with us…

    So, MLS’s that want to be found on the Houston MLS side can share their data and we will share as well!

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