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Eight11 launches full-service agency for MLS companies.

eight-eleven-logoLooks like Tracy Weir has been busy. After leaving Inman News she started a company called Eight11, which does consulting. On the Eight11 blog she has also been doing a great job of reviewing products in the real estate space. Tracy is now focusing her efforts on helping MLS providers with their own product offerings.

She plans on meeting with MLS providers at the CMLS 2013 in Boise this week. I asked her what she sees as opportunities and she replied:

Help launch and market products for technology companies and MLSs. For technology companies, that means positioning, messaging, outreach and full-service marketing communications. For MLSs, that means helping to adequately promote a new product (or repositioning or relaunching an existing product) and then doing all the things we do for technology clients for an MLS’s membership. The goal is to help products that are sold by technology companies get adopted by agents, so if MLSs happen to be in the mix, we can be like an extension of the MLS marketing team to strategize AND get stuff done.

Full service marketing communications: That means putting together all the high level stuff (like a strategic plan, creative ideation, branding, positioning, messaging) and then actually DOING the stuff, like website design, programming, SEO and content, social media campaigns; content marketing; email campaigns; print materials; print and digital advertising; event planning, production and communications; and all the other bric a brac people use to market themselves.

If Eight11 can help sell more products to agents through MLS providers, then we all win.

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