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Looking for a new gig? Trulia is hiring!

This was just posted. Sounds like the perfect gig for a typical Vendor Alley reader.

Senior Product Manager Data Operations – Trulia

“You will be responsible for guiding a cross-functional team towards a common goal of acquiring listings to increase data coverage and accuracy on Trulias website and mobile apps. Youll be partnering with Trulias sales and business development teams to work collaboratively with brokers, franchises, MLSs and other listings providers. You will also work internally with Engineering, Legal, Sales, Customer Support, and Finance. Your efforts will have significant positive impact on a critical initiative for the company. Leading the development of Trulias broker, franchise, and MLS products as the real estate industry rebuilds, is a once in a lifetime opportunity ” shape the future of real estate by being a part of Trulia as it leads the industry in transforming the real estate experience for consumers.”

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