Where Real Estate Gets Its Dirt

The ground is shifting below us.

24-Science-NZealand_486271eI was thinking how fitting that NAR’s conference and expo is being held in San Francisco this week. Not only a hub for technology and innovation but San Francisco is a place where the ground literally shakes from time to time. And things in real estate are getting shaken up.

The combined market cap of Zillow and Trulia is about 3 billion dollars.

The Really Alliance has all but declared war on MLS providers (or not).

A few MLS providers have stopped syndicating listing thru ListHub (more on the way?).

and nobody likes their MLS system (who knew??).

Is there anything solid that we can hold on to? What’s a poor vendor or MLS provider to do in such a unbalanced world? What’s the “new normal”?

I don’t have the answers but, I’m optimistic about the future, and San Francisco is as good a place to start to look for answers as anywhere. My search begins tomorrow. See you there.

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