Where Real Estate Gets Its Dirt

Why is Zillow inserting itself into the DC housing policy discussions?

Rob Hahn has an excellent post about Zillow’s entry in to DC politics.

A Few Thoughts On The Zillow Housing Forum – The Notorious R.O.B.

His post highlights the most recent “Zillow Housing Forum -Getting Our House in Order: Solving the Lingering Issues of the Housing Recession” and past events, including Spencer Rascoff’s, Zillow’s CEO, housing discussion with President Obama.

If anyone was wondering why Zillow and not NAR has been in the spotlight in regard to housing policy here’s Rob’s take after speaking with Katie Curnutte, Zillow’s director of communications, about NAR not being a competitor.

“Her view — and therefore, I assume Zillow’s view — goes like this:

-NAR is an advocacy organization, and they do that very well. They represent REALTORS in Washington.
-Zillow, on the other hand, puts the consumer first, and gives the consumers the information that they are clearly thirsting for.
-When you want to know what REALTORS think, DC policymakers ought to go talk to NAR. But when you want to know what the average American thinks, then policymakers ought to talk to Zillow.

So damn smart.

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