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Trulia goes polyamorous

polyamoryI love this move by Truila. Instead of just pretending that their competitors don’t exist (a move I see being played out everyday) they are give their customers an advantage for using both.

Market Leader Open Platform Now Accepts Leads From More Than 8 National Sources

“Market Leader Professional and Business Suite feature Smart Lead Technology, which is designed to help agents generate, engage and manage all of their leads. Site Stream is just one part of Smart Lead Technology, and its enhancements are making it easier for agents to receive all of their Trulia leads in the Market Leader CRM, enabling agents to quickly and intelligently engage and convert more of them into clients.”

In a nutshell their Market Leader CRM can accept leads from multiple sources including Zillow and Realtor.com. I’m not aware that the other guys do this (yet). And its unclear how tightly integrated this technology might be. For instance does it just accept email leads and parse them or is there something more going on?

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