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TREND selects CoreLogic’s Matrix as primary MLS platform in multiyear deal.

Brian de Schepper
Brian de Schepper
Early this year CoreLogic promoted Brian de Schepper to head all of MLS sales for CoreLogic. Brian as many of you know was part of the Tarasoft team that CoreLogic bought a few years back. I spoke to Ben Graboske, VP of CoreLogic, at a recent event and he told me that he has full confidence in Brian. Looks like the confidence is justified in regards to this recent deal with TREND MLS.

25,000 members (per month) is a huge win. Switching from TREND MLS’ home grown system was a big decision. As everyone knows Tom Phillips and his team at TREND MLS are a careful bunch and I can imagine the process that Corelogic went through to get this business was, to say the least, involved. Congrats to Brian and CoreLogic.

Here’s the full press release.

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