Where Real Estate Gets Its Dirt

MetroList Services sends a convoy of REALTORS to NAR Expo in San Francisco.

“‘Cause we got a little ‘ole convoy
Rockin’ through the night
Yeah, we got a little ‘ole convoy
Ain’t she a beautiful sight
C’mon and join our Convoy
Ain’t nothin’ gonna get in our way
We gonna roll this truckin’ convoy
‘Cross the USA
-Convoy- C.W. McCall

MetroList Services is the largest MLS provider, geographically, in the state of California. This year they organized a bus tour where they brought over 650 MetroList members to the NAR Expo in San Francisco. How did they do it? Well Rubber Ducky they organized themselves a convoy!

I can’t think of any other MLS provider that has come close to bringing this many of their members to a national (or state) event. You gotta hand it to Dave Howe and Bill Miller for making this happen. NAR should give these guys some sort of medal or something.

Check out this video they put together highlighting the trip:

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