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Some REALTORS want to strike AgentMatch

I was going to write something about this AgentMatch kerfuffle but Lani Rosales at AGBeat hits on all the key points (good and bad).

AgentMatch launches, objections appear to be anti-consumer

Lani Rosales:

“The industry must be more consumer-driven and quit giving the opportunities to third party sites that don’t have industry affiliations. If real estate technology innovates at the pace that some of the naysayers prefer, the MLS would still be exclusively on paper. If the few loud objections overrule the potential national launch of this tool, it will eventually be mastered by a third party company that has no industry affiliation, no ramifications for not following the rules, and no requirement to follow the Code of Ethics.”

Don’t get me started on the “Code of Ethics” but she’s exactly right. Also how weird is it that Keller Williams‘ is protesting this (asking their agents not to participate), via a letter to their agents?

  1. I understand the point about agents being resistant to changes and see it every day. However, what Agent Match is attempting to do is take raw data and somehow create an experience for a consumer that would provide them with some objective criteria that would leave them to believe they would be making a good choice about choosing an agent who would provide excellent service. Because we, in our local markets, know that the data set Agent Match is using is unable to provide that information (because that’s not the data that would provide that info) there is pushback. I listened to a 55 minute podcast Rob Hahn did with the developer of the program and frankly, came away less impressed with what this product purports to do. I get the point, but this program isn’t going to get to it.

  2. Other industries (financial services) go out of their way to put metrics of success and experience in front of their customer. Lani’s final point is an important one. There are holes in the AgentMatch model. Taken on it’s own, MLS data isn’t going to be able to tell the entire story, but it’s a great first step.

    AgentMatch may not ultimately be a success, but it’s a service that has real potential. There’s a need and they’re (admirably) making an attempt. Seems the industry would be better served suggesting adjustments to make it a more suitable solution than calling for an all-out boycott.

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