Where Real Estate Gets Its Dirt

“You don’t have a dog in this fight”

Recently Brad Inman wrote an article giving his opinion on realtor.com’s Agent Match experiment.

“Recently, I sent an email to a colleague asking about the brouhaha over agent ratings and he said, “Why don’t you write an article for your own news service and take a stand.”

He was right.

Here is my stand: Agent data holed up in the multiple listing service should be displayed for consumers to review and analyze.”

The comment thread is growing, 88 when I posted this. The basic gist of a lot of the agent’s comments is that Brad “doesn’t have a dog in this fight”, meaning he isn’t a working agent so his opinion means nothing. Or worse he has some sort of nefarious agenda for publishing this opinion.

Let me educate these short sighted commenters. This is a real estate industry. It consists of agents, brokers, vendors, mortgage professionals, title professionals, bloggers, writers, journalists, MLSs, etc.


  1. Love ya Greg, enjoy your posts & opinions, but …. you’re wrong in this.

    Brad is an “Influencer”. He does not have an “opinion” when he writes a post, on his highly read Blog, he states a “position”.

    Even Brad admitted to me in a tweet “What was I thinking?” … to his credit, he realized the subject was far more “incendiary” than he expected.

    It’s like the guys that stand around 2 other guys fighting and yell “hit em” …

    Let the Players Play


  2. No dog? Let’s see…advertisers, sponsors. It’s a business and Inman is aligned with the money, plain and simple.

    Gary Keller was no fan of Homegain.com so it’s not surprising that KW took a stand 180 degrees opposite of Inman.

    I don’t see Inman as a champion of agents, so I take his opinion with a grain of salt.

  3. Exactly Greg. And really, if it were not for Brad, Inman News and Connect which served as the very uncomfortable catalyst in moving real estate’s needle forward, it’s fair to think that this industry would be far more behind and way more disrupted in a very negative way.

    Anyone who has every bought or sold a home and hired an agent has a dog in this fight. This industry belongs to all of us.

  4. @Eric I hoping you see the irony in your “Hit Em” “Him Em”… Punch him in the face” analogy , when that is exactly was a “Coach” would say to his player. : )

    When I hear of a good technique from an agent in Sacramento and then pass that along to a group of agents I speaking to in New York. That’s a good thing. They all want an edge, and I’m happy to share.

    Just because I’m not a practicing real estate agent doesn’t mean my opinions, thoughts, or experiences don’t matter.

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