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Planes, train, and automobiles

Screen Shot 2014-02-14 at 11.53.20 AMAnybody with access to a private jet, Dave Rifkin would sure appreciate a ride about now.

  1. Hi Greg,

    Following your twitter comments on Realty listing sites. I continue to be confused as to why realty brands try to compete with large aggregators and do it so poorly. Would it not make more sense to work with the portals to offer links from the listings back to a brand site that offered more sophisticated and complementary services. In particular, I would like to click through a Portal listing I am interested in to a Brand site that offered me a real time version of your Cloud CMA so I could evaluate the offering price and acquire context that is informed by local agent experience for that property. In short, more collaboration rather than competing duplication.

  2. @Ken – The brands can’t show weakness, it will erode their value proposition. I don’t think “deep links” or “click thrus” is a great experience for the consumer either.

  3. I take your point. Building brand value is what they are charging their network for. That being said, an inferior, me-too customer experience on a brand site doesn’t seem to protect their value proposition very well. More unique value in brand sites should be the goal in my opinion.

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