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Audie Chamberlain leaving MOVE

AudieThe talent drain continues at MOVE. Audie Chamberlain, Director of Social Media Marketing for Realtor.com, is leaving and joining Partners Trust Real Estate Brokerage & Acquisitions. This just after Errol Samuelson and Curt Beardsley had recently left for Zillow. Although from what I know his departure is unrelated.

Audie has been at MOVE for close to 6 years and had been named twice to the Inman‘s list of most the “100 most influential people in real estate”. Before his stint at MOVE Audie was Digital Business Coordinator at Universal Music Group and he recently joined the board of directors for the L.A. Family Housing.

Audie has always been a great representative for realtor.com. I’ve always appreciated his industry perspective and of course his sense of humor. He’s, in the parlance of our late night banter, “legit”. It’s truly a shame to see him go, but I am glad he is staying in the industry. We’ve shared a lot of good times at conferences, I’m going to miss that.

His new gig is with Partners Trust. They have been making a lot of waves in the real estate industry here in SoCal. Partners Trust has also been named one of “Best Places To Work In Los Angeles”. So good for him.

Please join me in wishing him well on his new gig!

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