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Nationstar rising…

by Greg Robertson on May 8th, 2014

Interesting analysis about Nationstar, RED’s new owner.

Nationstar moves one step closer to total mortgage market domination
Jacob Gaffney,

“Nationstar is moving one step closer to total mortgage market domination.

During the call, Bray discussed at length the acqusition of digital real estate marketplace Real Estate Digital, expected to close in the next quarter. RED is a fee-based real estate services company that provides online marketing, data, transaction management and digital media solutions.

“We intend to utilize RED’s capabilities to build HomeSearch 2.0, which will include search functionality and industry-leading residential real estate data,” he said. “This data will allow consumers, realtors and investors to research properties and more importantly, transact in a number of ways.”

In the end, Nationstar expects to provide end-to-end real estate and mortgage services with exceptional customer service, which will deliver “a customer for life,” Bray said.

In other words, total mortgage domination.

Search, sell, list, buy, title — you name it and Nationstar is going to provide it through its platform.

“Our macro goal is to capture a fee component of as many U.S. real estate transactions as possible,” Bray said.

Sounds like Zillow 3.0

And at another point in the call he adds this gem:

“We see an opportunity to leverage our heritage as a non-agency servicer to provide financial solutions to the developing market that could include portions of the nearly 68 million under-banked consumers and 72 million millenials in the United States. We are currently evaluating non-agency and expanded purchase mortgage strategies.”

That’s loads of money waiting to be had and Bray is convinced his company has an honest shot at a big portion of it.

And from what I know about Nationstar, he very well might be right.

I’m not too versed on banker speak, what does “non-agency and expanded purchase mortgage strategies mean”? I hope it doesn’t mean, what I think it means.

Thanks for the heads up @tcar

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  1. My personal opinion, why do all that SEO, UX and mobile dev work for a purchase lead, or a loan origination lead, when you could do just about the same work for a purchase lead AND a loan origination lead? As a former employee, this was always thought of as the holy grail. Banks don’t have to be directly in real estate. Just being able to control part of the lead funnel gets them to the same place.

  2. Stephen McWilliam permalink

    Non agency means non Fannie or Freddie and is basically referring to portfolio loans or other such investor loans…..

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