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Brian de Schepper

by Greg Robertson on May 29th, 2014

BrianBrian de Schepper is leaving CoreLogic. In fact I believe he is leaving the industry. He may have many reasons for that (though, I’m not sure how many). But I wish him well. Brian is what I would consider an O.G. (BTW you know you’re an O.G. if you know what this means: “AT&F”)

He worked at Tarasoft, a real estate software company that was pre-internet. Their app was called Titan. As I remember the story they were talking to an MLS vendor/provider about getting Titan setup with their MLS system and were turned down. On the way back Seain and Brian thought, “how hard can making an MLS system be?” and Matrix was born. When launched Matrix it seemed futuristic to many of the other MLS systems around and combined with Brian’s aggressive sales ethic they began to win some of the largest MLS markets in the country.

CoreLogic bought Tarasoft in late 2011. Looking back I think it might have been one of the smartest acquisitions in the industry. Can you imagine the pickle CoreLogic would be with Fusion being their big market MLS system?

When I ran in to Brian at Mid-year he told me the news about him leaving. I was a bit surprised, I thought he stiled enjoyed the game. But as I thought about it the game has shifted for him (and others), less from winning new accounts to saving accounts and managing system migrations. And “System migrations” doesn’t sound like any fun.

Also at Mid-Year he talked about putting together a Top Ten List. I thought it was a good idea, so here’s Brian deSchepper’s farewell top ten list. My personal favorite is #7 (I still remember being escorted up the stairs).

Brian’s Top Ten
10.  Cancelling return flights in Minnesota, purchasing a couple of cars and “opening ‘em up” back to the west coast – bonus discovery – Montana doesn’t have a speed limit
9.    Victoria MLS shootout ->going to a membership vote and beating the incumbent by 4 votes
8.    Lightning vs. Titan. 90’s battle of the two best agent desktops
7.    Tarasoft party of the ages ->Stingaree Rooftop, San Diego, 2009 NAR
6.    Sleepover at Mosey’s house, when visiting RMLS(MN)
5.   California dreaming – MLSListings -> Jim’s amazing MLS transformation to arguably the most tech savvy MLS in the industry. MRMLS->CAR->CRMLS and the man who became king
4.   CLGX: Great people, and the honor/privilege of working for Da Man ->Ben Graboske
3.   Tokyo -> Lucie Fortier, Jon Green, Dave Garland, a Karaoke bar and a project known as Godzilla
2.   MRIS David Charron
1.   Seain.

Good luck on your future endeavors Brian!

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  1. Bill Andrews permalink

    It has been an unbelievable ride with Brian and I am happy for him as he moves to the next big thing. We had some great times shooting from the hip, upsetting the apple cart, and being the unexpected X factor. This was how every day began with Brian and all of it was strategically planned random acts of doing the unexpected. Damn the torpedoes and all hands on deck was pretty much how he rolls and we all loved it!

    The evening I met with Brian and Seain to talk about working for Tarasoft, we met at El Fuego Mexican restaurant in Del Mar CA. Brian had me write my compensation needs on a napkin over some Margaritas and guacamole and we had a lot of laughs. I wish I had kept that napkin as it turned out to be my contract and I became an employee that night! I am going to miss working with him and that way of working. I wish him all the best of the best. Who knows what the future hold eh Brian?

    Bill Andrews

  2. I really did not work with Brian long enough to get to know him that way that I would have liked to. From what could tell, he was hard working, unconventional, and liked to have a good time. Mixing business and fun was a specialty of his. I think we may have taken over the MLS world had he become a partner/friend sooner than he did! At minimum, we would have had a blast trying! Honesty, Integrity…a real stand-up guy!

    Brian, now that’s how you bow out! Nothing but class!!!! Samuelson, Beardsley take note!

  3. I had the pleasure of meeting Brian when Tarasoft were getting their first Matrix accounts. (Seems like this was yesterday!)
    Steve Jobs once said that you have to make a dent in the universe.
    Brian certainly made a dent in the MLS world now that Matrix is on most agents’ computer in both Canada and the US.
    Mission accomplished my friend!
    It was a pleasure working with you Brian and YES, we SHALL NEVER forget that party in San Diego!!
    Good luck in your future projects and thank you for all the most valuable advices you gave me.

  4. Best of luck, Brian! Can’t wait to see what you do next! Getting to know you during the course of launching CoreLogic into the Japanese market was so much fun. Everyone in Japan loves you, and I’m sure they’ll all miss you terribly. It has truly been a pleasure to work with you. You sure know how to create a vision, get things done, and have a good time. You’re the best, man!

  5. Pam Drawbaugh permalink

    Keep Austin Weird is a famous quote known around the world and especially to Brian. I met him while at Tarasoft but really got to know him while serving as Chairman of ACTRIS (Austin Central Texas Realty Information Service) for the Austin Board of REALTORS in 2012. You might have heard the story on the marathon paces and hoops Brian had to jump through to “win” the Austin account but it went something like this…In late 2010 Austin started the process of looking at possible systems to consider, narrowing to 5 in 2011. Interviews, etc., occurred and in late, very late 2011 Brian with Matrix was invited to participate against 2 other vendors/systems in a members choice voting process starting in early January 2012. I must point out in this story that Brian was given about 6 weeks notice to pull off the impossible. He was asked to drop everything he had going on in his life, come to Austin, give 20 minute presentations on Matrix to a very knowledgeable and opinionated membership who would then answer questions on a survey, and cast votes on which systems they liked best. The other 2 systems he was competing against knew pretty early on in the process that they were going to be selected and put through this type of process. In other words, the other 2 systems had a serious leg up on him, ready to showcase a more customized product for Austin, etc. Brian like a true champion took the challenge and showcased Matrix to very demanding Austin REALTORS who expressed their needs for mobile technology, speed, etc. I lost count at the number of presentations Brian did but they were many, fast (almost as fast as Matrix) and full of valuable information. After 3 months of presentations, members voting and additional drama I need not go into in this story, Matrix won the Austin account. Brian competed like a true champion. Was gracious and helpful to Austin. Listened to what Austin needed and delivered on all he promised. ACTRIS serves 9500+ members who have been positively impacted by Brian deSchepper. You’re the best and you will be missed. Thank you for all you’ve done for the industry and Austin.

    Pam Drawbaugh

  6. Brian – You have certainly made your mark on this industry. You are leaving with a stellar legacy, and I am honored to have had the opportunity to work with you on multiple initiatives over the past couple years. From crazed meetings at industry conferences to early morning strategy sessions at breakfast dives – it was always my pleasure to learn from your insights and deep knowledge. And, of course I would be remiss if I didn’t give a salute to perhaps one of the most epic overseas adventures in Japan. While the late night karaoke session is seared in my mind forever, what was equally as impressive is how you were able to captivate a room full of top Japanese government officials. You are an inspiration and I am sure we all will be looking forward to following your success in your next endeavor, whatever it may be.

  7. David Charron permalink

    Great effort Brian. Very nicely done! Previous commenters have said it all. It does not escape me that your legion of fans include a combination of customers, co-workers, competitors and vendor/partners. Very difficult balance and yet you made it work! Looking forward to your next great idea. Give Seain our best.

  8. Masumi permalink


    It was the beginning of everything when I first met you in Seattle 3 years ago. I never expected that the MLS would be real in Japan.

    Can you imagine how much I surprised when I got a mail from you again next year. What a miracle!

    Next week, the Godzilla really lands in Japan. (Now he is in the Tokyo bay, very closed to your Karaoke bar in Ginza 🙂

    Brian, you changed the game in our country. Made it possible to realize the dream in Japanese industry. If we had never met you, we couldn’t have accomplished the goal. (Or even never know there is a goal.)

    It was my great honor to have the chance working with you. I believe we will keep in touch with you. The Godzilla is just starting!

    You must come to Japan again to see Mt. Fuji. (Without driving around the whole country of Japan.)

    Please have a good vacation and see you soon!

    本当にありがとう! またすぐ会いましょう。日本のチーム全員が待っています。

  9. Seain Conover permalink

    Paraphrasing. Long time reader, first time poster.

    A heartfelt congratulations to you, DE SCHEPPER, on your amazing odyssey in the business. So many colorful miles logged. So no more staring out at the blinking winglets in the grog of night. On flying, we never did have the chance to drop that mythical H1. Another time perhaps. 😉

    It was a sincere pleasure working with you all those years. No preordained therefore boring manual to follow. 10,000 turn left/right decisions, some minor, some major. The ultimate choose-your-own adventure book.

    Enjoy your upcoming 5 o’clock whistle and wherever the tides may take you in the months ahead.

    Say hi to The King for me. And hi to all the great people at CLGX, the kind bear in the den at #6 (one of my own favorite travel memories), the superstars in Nelson, and all beyond.

    So what now? Start with TGIF? 😉 Ha! Thank you, Brian. That was a great adventure inside some SERIOUS fun.

    Cheers, Seain.

  10. Lynette Keyowski permalink

    There is something interesting I learned about Brian that speaks to the very core of this guy. He represented his product and his company(s) with passion and conviction. And he did it in a non-threatening and unassuming way (do you ever see the guy in anything other than jeans, button-down shirts and sneaks?), that always makes people feel and know they are valued by him – despite facing some big challenges and staggering success of his own!

    Brian, you’re the epitome of a class act! So glad to have had the privilege to be in your sphere for a short period. Would welcome the opportunity to work with you again – anytime!

    All the very best in wherever the next adventure takes you (and I’m sure there will be a great one!).

    By the way… Loved the top ten list. #1 gave me goosebumps! Very cool!

  11. Henry permalink









    It was very nice to see you in Washington D.C. We always thank for your warm hospitality.

    As for your departure from CoreLogic,we are definitely going to miss you.
    I would like to gratitude for the days and cheers to your new endeavor.

    I feel that it seems like about yesterday that I met you as Tarasoft at the NWMLS office 3 years ago.

    For me, the encounter with you is the precious property.
    Without you,the Godzilla would never stand up.

    We promise you to carve a transparency of real estate information on the Japanese ground.

    You are too young to retire,and I believe you keep your ability alive for society.

    I dare hope that our paths will cross again.

    See you soon coming back to Tokyo with Godzilla!


  12. John Dean Markunas permalink

    Uma carta aberta ao Sr. Brian de Schepper :

    Tive o prazer de conhecer e trabalhar com Brian, conquanto em termos de longa distância, de 2012 até o início de 2014 aqui no Brasil – onde estou baseado ainda.

    Brian e eu, enquanto pesquisando os mercados aqui, não deixamos ne uma pedra não virado. Os e-mails , chamadas telefônicas, teleconferências e reuniões on-line eram a norma para nós, diagnosticando e dissecando o mercado imobiliário brasileiro em busca de oportunidades de negócios sinérgicas e parceiros.

    Fiquei sendo muito impressionado com o compromisso de Brian e o pensamento criativo e cognitivo quando estávamos confrontando e discutindo questões e desafios relacionados com a fragmentação dos mercados imobiliários do Brasil .

    Talvez, um dia, eu tiver a oportunidade de conhecer Brian pessoalmente. Vou começar por convidá-lo para o Brasil para relaxar em uma das minhas praias favoritas – enquanto ele tem o tempo.

    Enquanto isso, estou esperando que nossos caminhos se cruzem novamente numa outra capacidade desafiante – investigando novos mercados e oportunidades comerciais.

    John Dean Markunas
    Consultor Imobiliário
    Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, Brasil

  13. John Dean Markunas permalink

    An open letter to Mr. Brian de Schepper:

    I had the pleasure of getting to know and work with Brian, albeit on a long-distance basis, from 2012 to early 2014 here in Brazil — where I am still based.

    Brian and I, while researching the markets here, left no stones unturned. Emails, telephone calls, conference calls and online meetings were the norm for us as we diagnosed and dissected the Brazilian real estate market looking for synergistic business opportunities and partners.

    I am left being very impressed by Brian’s commitment and creative and cognitive thinking as we confronted and discussed issues and challenges related to Brazil’s fragmented real estate markets.

    Maybe I’ll get a chance to meet Brian personally one day. I’ll start by inviting him down to Brazil to relax at one of my favorite beaches – while he has the time right now.

    In the meantime, I’m hoping that our paths cross again in another challenging capacity – researching new markets and business opportunities.

    John Dean Markunas
    Real Estate Consultant
    Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil

  14. Brian always showed respectful courage and tenacity. He is a stand up guy, with a soft approach that offers solid solutions and opportunities for the real estate community. Intellectual and kind, he let his talents work in the care of this industry, leaving it better for his contributions. Best wishes Brian, your success will continue for you and those you serve in the future.

  15. Congratulations Brian! I think your next big thing should be Race Car Driver! You were always the fastest at Bondurant School of High Performance Racing!

    Truly it’s a pleasure to have met you and major kudos to you and your Tarasoft team for creating the BEST MLS platform ever!

  16. I only had the privilege of working with you on a couple of occasions at the MLS level in Greater New Orleans but you are class act and extremely knowledgeable and definitively a force in the industry.
    Im very Interested in seeing where you end up—as I feel that the industry will be consolidating, and I feel confident that where you choose to land yourself will be on the top of that.

    Dean Cacioppo
    Director of the Gulf South Real Estate Network (GSREIN)

  17. Missy Whittington permalink

    I have truly enjoyed working with and getting to know you Brian. You are a class act who sincerely cares about the customer satisfaction of the awesome Matrix product that you masterminded! Brian you will be missed in a huge way and I hope that our paths will continue to cross in your future endeavors. I wish you the best and with anticipation I await what is next on the horizon from you.

  18. I met Brian a couple of months ago and was very impressed by his professionalism and his vision of what Matrix could become. He was certainly a deciding factor in our decision to extend our contract with Corelogic and go with Matrix. Hoping our paths cross again some day.

    Kevin Platz
    Association Executive
    Cedar Rapids Area Association of REALTORS
    Cedar Rapids IA

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