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by Greg Robertson on June 30th, 2014

The rumors started last week. A glitch on Facebook is what some thought. Then my DM Twitter feed starting blowing up. “Is he gone?”, “Is Russ out at MRED?” Then the Vendor Alley Tip Line starting lighting up. “Russ is out. Russ is out.”

A returned text message, confirmed it. Russ had resigned from MRED.

Nobody knows all the details. Inman News regurgitated an email he sent out to some of us.

But, lets face it. Its amazing Russ was able to accomplish what he did at MRED. MLS politics in Chicagoland are infamous, not to mention you are right in NAR’s backyard. When he first got the gig I was a bit surprised. Russ has never been afraid to express his opinion. Who doesn’t perk up when they hand Russ the microphone at an industry event? You know something good is coming.

Chicago seemed an odd match for an CEO who spoke his mind.

But it’s all speculation at this point. Fact is the reason Russ spoke his mind is very simple. He cares. And that my friends, is a good thing.

And I look forward to when Russ decides to step up to the microphone once again.

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  1. John Mosey permalink

    Whether you agreed with Russ or not, he spoke with both conviction and an unsurpassed knowledge of this business. I look forward also to the next time he brings his own mic to an industry event…

  2. John Mosey permalink

    Who are these commenters who add nothing but drivel to the conversation.
    Stop. Please.

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