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ListHub buys Point2’s syndication service

Word on the street is that ListHub (MOVE) has acquired Point2. If so, Holy shit! What you gotta wonder is, if this is a Hail Mary Pass to “Save Listhub”, or is MOVE, Inc. trying to cinch up the all the syndicated MLS data feeds for some other batshit crazy idea.

Plus if Point2 was up for sale, why do you think Zillow didn’t buy it?

Related: Saul Klein and John Reilly and left Yardi as of September 1st. Yardi was the previous owner of Point2. In a Facebook post Saul wrote:

“John Reilly and I want to let you know that we are no longer involved with Point2 and will be leaving Yardi. We completed our last responsibilities on September 1.”

UPDATE: Looks like the rumor was true: Move, Inc. Acquires Point2’s U.S. Listing Syndication Service

But it looks like only the syndication piece was sold, so Point2 still lives.

“Point2 will continue to provide its signature real estate solutions including Point2 Agent, Point2 Homes, agent and MLS public websites, IDX tools, mobile applications, and additional tools to help real estate professionals be more productive and competitive.”

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  2. we were sold a sack of goods by point2agent about two years ago locally. Turns out that the only real benefit they could hang there hat on was the sindication. Everything that was sent out was plastered with point2 links unlike listhub. Never really generated a noticeable traffic bump for us boots on the ground like they claimed it would. I have been happy with listhub for syndication and they don’t block users from digging to the source if they choose like point2 did.

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