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The big news yesterday was the acquisition of MOVE, Inc. by News Corp. But there was a piece of news that many of you may not know about. As of yesterday, Homes.com will stop supporting WyldFyre.

WyldFyre, a distributed database system, one of the first true alternative front ends to an MLS system. And this was pre-internet. We’re talking TVI-950/VT-100n type of stuff.

WyldFyre was part of eNeighborhoods, who bought it from MOVE, Inc. back in 2004. I was in charge of sales at eNeighborhoods when this happen. Along with the product we got Michael Hayes, Bob Morse and Joe Happe to join our enterprise sales team led by Andy Woolley. We all had some great times together.

But WyldFyre origins go back all the way to 1992. Southland Regional MLS with Jim Link at the helm took a chance on their product. Southland’s backend system was called Computerized Real-estate Information System aka CRIS. The first version of WyldFyre was called CRISNet.

At the peak, there were well over 100,000 unique users of Wyldfyre in North America and Australia.

Dan Musso and Mike Myers sold their company to HomeStore in 2000.

I reached out to Mike Myers about this thoughts on the final sunset of WyldFyre. He simply stated.

“Had I known it was going to last this long…we would never have sold the company.”

Food for thought to other vendors out there.

22 years is a long time in technology. 22 years of helping agents do the business of real estate. And I’m sure there a few real estate agents who are still pretty pissed they are shutting it down.

So join me in pouring one out for WyldFyre. Dan and Mike, you should be very proud.

  1. I think MFM was still selling PC Access here and there up until a couple of years ago. You never know.

  2. Count me as one of the 100,000. Great product, I loved the flexibility, reporting and having the MLS with me at listing appointments.

  3. I tested CRISNet a million years ago then worked closely with the eN/WyldFyre team at RMLS (Florida). We had agents who’d have cut off our heads had we cut off WyldFyre. During the several bad hurricane years our subscribers absolutely depended on it. And boy was that one of the greatest teams to ever work with. So many of my happy memories are from working with you guys. Thanks for all you, Michael, Andy, Dan, Casey, Marilou did for us. 🙂

  4. Greg, thanks for the memorial. And thanks to our many users, who helped us make the product better throughout the years. Dan and I had a great time working in the industry and I have many fond memories of or experiences there. Also, a shout out to Jim Link and Marylou Williams (Nolan Ryan’s sister) of Southland Regional for taking a chance on us when we were still just babies. Their faith helped launch our product and our company. Lastly, we were blessed to have a great team working with us, and their passion and competency were the main drivers in our success.

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