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Making choices

Like a lot of other vendors I do online meetings and webinars. Just on casual observation many of you are using GoToMeeting. We use it at W&R Studios. While it’s not the best designed software out there it does, for the most part, get the job done.

But one of the most glaring shortcomings is that it doesn’t work with iCal. Meaning when I schedule a meeting I would love it to create an invitation in iCal to send to meeting participants. Nope. I typically have to create an invite manually and copy/paste the meeting details. Since I first subscribed to the service, some time ago, I’ve asked about this feature and they’ve promised “it’s coming”.

Recently GoToMeeting announced a new feature…

“Android Smartwatch App.

GoToMeeting and your Android phone and smartwatch are getting along fabulously these days. If you have all three, you can join, participate and leave a meeting from your watch without ever touching your phone.

Take a jog while you’re taking a meeting. Listen in on a session while rocking your baby to sleep — no squirming into your pockets and fumbling with your phone needed. Plus, you’re going to feel like a super-cool spy.”

What? The? Fuck?

Seriously? Letting someone know WHEN a meeting is scheduled is SUPER Important. “Listen in on a session while rocking your baby to sleep”? NOTSOMUCH.

The choices many companies make to spend their development resources astounds me. Whether its Google Glass for Trulia or this turd.

Nancy Reagan had it right, “Just say no”.

  1. Just switch over to a Join.me enterprise account. It comes with iOS and Android apps, you can present from an iPad, and doesn’t require your participants to download anything.

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