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FBS introduces flexmls for Android

FBS has been busy. At NAR in New Orleans they debuted what they call their “Flexmls Mobile Suite”. When I first heard Mike talk about their plans a few months back I thought it was super ambitious. Most MLS vendors had been out-sourcing their mobile development to third party companies. From the beginning FBS wanted full control, and with there Spark API infrastructure they were a unique position actually make that happen. This video does a great job of what showing off that vision.

I happen to think CoreLogic’s acquisition of DoApp and their 17 employees was a direct result of what FBS is implementing.

Yesterday FBS announced their new Flexmls for Android. Below is a quick video.

Based on what I see in this video, and the introduction of what they call “map clusters”, FBS now has the best Android app for MLS systems, period. And I think this is going to be huge. I’m an iPhone guy myself but you can’t argue the fact of what a huge install base Android has.

You can read more about this on their website:

Announcing Flexmls for Android Available January 12 and a New Video Overview of the Flexmls Mobile Suite

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