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Swanepoel’s “Power 200” list includes many MLS execs and vendors.

logoStephan Swanepoel just released his list of “the most powerful people in residential real estate 2014/15”. Dubbed the “Power 200” the list includes many MLS executives, consultants and vendors in real estate.

Bob Hale, David Charon, Art Carter, Jim Harrison, Merri Jo Cowen, Tom Phillips, Kathy Condon, Teresa King Kinney, and Kipp Cooper made the list under (Organized Real Estate).

Denee Evans, new CEO of CMLS, also made the list.

A few industry consultants and publishers made the list as well under the “Thought Leader” category: Brad Inman, Marilyn and Victor Lund, Gregg Larson, Brian Boero, Marc Davison, Ann Bailey, Brian Larson and Lani and Benn Rosales.

The list also includes many vendors, such as Andy Rapattoni, Rich Lull, Michael Wurzer, Jay Gaskill, Curt Beardsley, Chris Bennett, and Lorne Wallace.

I was also very honored to be included on the list in the “Technology” category no less! I just squeaked in at #199 (as it should be), just beating out Morgan Carey of Real Estate Webmasters! I’m sure this will cause Morgan to lose a lot of sleep at night. ; )

The list was curated by Stefan Swanepoel and Rob Hahn. So my thanks to them.

Which gives me a great segue to plug the T3 Summit Conference. The conference is being held April 8th to 10th this year at the Four Seasons Hotel in Las Vegas. The conference is 3 years old now and I’ve been to each one. I’ve written about it in the past and I think this latest conference will be their best one yet.

Here’s a highlight reel from last year.

My favorites include Stefan’s interviews, and when Rob Hahn takes the stage with his “black swan” conspiracy theories.

Katie Smithson and I will be attending this year so I hope to see you there.

There are some limitations on registrants (I think it sold out last year) but you can find out more info here. http://www.t3summit.com/register/

My thanks again to Stefan and his team. Nice surprise to wake up to!

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