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iMapp “ceasing operations”

by Greg Robertson on January 17th, 2015

ARMLS and imapp


I guess the “Strategic Agreement” with CRS Data didn’t work out.


Then there’s this…

Realist Tax System Ending

“On the morning of January 14, those who have Realist set as their default tax provider will be switched to Monsoon. Realist users may switch back to Realist temporarily or access Realist from the Taxes menu until January 28, when Realist will be removed permanently.

Sounds like a Monsoon alright.

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  1. You gotta give ARMLS a lot of credit. The purchased the data company that collects the tax information and built their own tax solution so their subscribers will not be effected by this beyond the need for a faster conversion than expected.

  2. Kudos to ARMLS, but now I’m more glad we provide Courthouse Retrieval System for our subscribers.

  3. Robert Drummer permalink

    Sorry to spoil the conclusion jumping, but to borrow a phrase from Mark Twain, “The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.”

    The people, product, support and data behind the iMapp service are alive and well. All MLS clients and their members have and will continue to have the service.

    To say that we were surprised by this announcement on the Saturday of a 3-day weekend is an understatement.

    We’ll have more to report soon, but getting people pulled together from their kid’s birthday parties, weekend trips, etc. takes a bit of time.

    Robert Drummer

  4. Bill Rovillo permalink

    ARMLS lies, version 2.0
    Greg posts.

  5. Definitely sounds odd considering four days prior, My Florida Regional MLS announced this:

    “Dear Member,

    My Florida Regional MLS (MFRMLS) is pleased to announce its Board of Directors have approved bringing back the iMapp system as a second public records option for all MFRMLS subscribers. The plan is to activate the link (or SmartLink) to the iMapp system for all members within Matrix within 45-60 days.

    Based on member feedback, negotiations had been underway with PropertyKey (operator of the iMapp system) to reach an agreement in principle.

    “We are pleased that the discussions with PropertyKey resulted in the opportunity for us to offer our subscribers a choice and reactivate the iMapp system,” noted 2014-15 MFRMLS President Joe Perez.

    Stay tuned for more information about the launch of the iMapp system link within Matrix.”


    Will be interesting to hear about ‘iMapp-gate 2.0’ … thanks for sharing

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