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Rob Hahn on the “Broker Portal Project”.

by Greg Robertson on February 13th, 2015

Free Advice to The Broker Public Portal

“Consider the timeline of the BPP project, as per the website. The “organizational meeting” was in November of 2014. January of 2015 is when financial support and commitment from brokers and MLSs are to be garnered. Then in March/April timeframe, the company will be formed with the $250K seed funding. And then consultants and the Board will get into the RFP process, which will take a few months, and then they have to select vendors, and then finally start building. Along the way, they also have to secure the $15 million in startup funding.

If the first line of code for BPP is written before the end of the year, it will be a miracle.

Salient points from the notorious one.

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  1. Sounds like the very definition of an agile / lean startup process.

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