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Syndication Shitstorm

by Greg Robertson on February 20th, 2015


Yesterday MOVE slapped the newly formed Zillow Group with the news that as of next week they won’t be providing listing to Trulia any longer. This seemed to be in response to Zillow’s earlier rebuke of continuing the ListHub agreement past the contract date.

Now it appears that Zillow is seeking a restraining order to keep listings flowing to Zillow.

Oy Vey!

A few observations:

Welcome to the team!
Tough first week for Paul Levine, newly appointed president of Trulia.

The Velvet Glove
I’m going to start calling Celeste Starchild, “the velvet glove”, because she always seems to be delivering the bad (good?) news, but tries to downplay the consquences.

Shit Sandwich
And going back to Zillow’s earlier refusal to re-sign with ListHub, can you really blame them? ListHub was basically forcing them to use a data feed their very own company won’t use on its own site ( Zillow take is that ListHub was was serving them a shit sandwich, telling them to eat, and that they better like it.

Lobby bars
Good thing the Clareity’s MLS Executive Workshop next week is serving great popcorn, because the show has just begun!

  1. David Charron permalink

    Lesson to all: Never, ever cede responsibility for listing management to any third party whose business model may undergo change that subsequently impacts the Broker’s ability to conduct business.

  2. John Mosey permalink

    Stated with your usual flair, eloquence and delicacy.
    See you soon, skinny.

  3. Great perspective and much cleaner than what I’ve been getting everywhere else. Thanks GR … looking forward to the “After” post.

  4. Well put, and graphically illustrated Greg.

  5. Cade Foster permalink

    Ok how about taking down the poor taste of bad language now. There are some of us who would appreciate this website showing some class and respect to all its viewers…

  6. @Cade I’m not sure if you are joking or not so I’ll just say this. If you don’t my use of language go read another fucking blog. : )

  7. John Mosey permalink

    You tell him, Skinny!

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