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Mike and Mitch’s plan out of this mess, at least for now…

Change the game

“The goal of Stopgap Agreement is to give MLSs a reasonable amount of time to make reasoned decisions on their timeline; not Zillow Group’s or Move’s timeline. The agreement would be between the MLS and Zillow Group to keep data flowing in an interim period. Each MLS in consultation with their attorney can decide whether it makes sense for them. It’s still an individual choice”

I love this idea. Does anyone have any update on the progress of this?

  1. @Mike Bummer. I guess from Zillow’s standpoint they would rather not have any entity between them and the MLS, even an MLS vendor. I guess we will all see how that plays out.

  2. No, that isn’t it at all, because we were never proposed to be party to the agreement. All we’re trying to do is get a draft agreement we can recommend to our customers as they request the data feeds to be set up. We have always been crystal clear with our customers and Zillow Group that we are not a party to the license agreement.

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