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Clareity MLS Executive Workshop highlights 2015

by Greg Robertson on March 4th, 2015

A few things I wanted to highlight about last week’s Clareity MLS Executive Workshop in Scottsdale, AZ last week. First off Gregg and his entire team did an amazing job. The content was fantastic and they managed to keep the conversation above the salacious syndication war between MOVE and Zillow Group narrative that has been floating around.

But, one of my takeaways about the Zillow Vs MOVE thing was how it effects other players, notably Seems like an opportunity for these guys. When I asked Andy Woolley, now Industry Relations at Andy was quick to point out that while they don’t, and won’t possibly ever have as much traffic as ZTR, they were focusing a lot on “quality”. Meaning the “quality” of leads coming through I was sent a screen shot of a ListHub report (from the Houston market) that seemed to prove that out. lead ratio

Yes, I know their total detail views is much smaller, but their lead ratio is crazy good.

HAR .08%
Zillow .06% .03%
Trulia .019% .97%

The other thing was the direct feed count. Check out this slide.

Direct Feed Count has 400 direct feeds from MLS providers. 400 freaking hundred. Zillow Group isn’t even close. Great lead ratio, huge direct feed count, you gotta wonder what that is worth to someone.

On another topic, was the release of the MLS Satisfaction survey. Here’s the results of the “End User Satisfaction.”

MLS Satisfaction Survey

Looking at MLS Vendors with more than 2 customers it appears that Black Knight and FBS still dominate the top two spots above their competition. Kudos to both of them.

Thanks again to Gregg, Matt and the rest of the Clareity team. We are always thrilled to participate. And I hope you enjoyed the Cloud Streams t-shirts. They look great!

  1. Sean Murphy permalink

    Love the t-shirt Greg. I wear it proudly, and comfortably.

  2. Jason Sanchez permalink

    Hey Greg, thanks for posting my direct feeds today tweet! Man, I missed out on the Cloud Streams T-shirt. It was a great workshop though!

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