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Ann Bailey’s side gig

by Greg Robertson on March 6th, 2015

This kind of blew me away.

Inman News did a short profile on Ann Bailey and the work she does outside of the industry. Inspiring.

201bfdeYou know what would be really cool? We all go over to their website and throw a few bucks their way. C’mon people, lets end this week feeling good.

Vendor Alley is in for $500. Who’s with me??

Click here to donate => Ashland Home

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  1. Great idea! Count me in.

  2. Kathi King permalink

    It was my pleasure to donate to the Ashland house as Ann has always been a mentor to me in my career.

  3. Michael Hayes permalink

    Jennifer and I donated today. Not surprised that Ann is part of something that changes people lives.

  4. I’m in! Ann has done so much for me and for so many of us. Come on folks, let’s show our appreciation to Ann and make a difference – Kevin

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