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What does the modem say?

Love this super geeky post about what the sounds mean during a modem handshake.

The sound of the dialup, pictured

“As many already know, what you’re hearing is often called a handshake, the start of a telephone conversation between two modems. The modems are trying to find a common language and determine the weaknesses of the telephone channel originally meant for human speech. Below is a spectrogram of the handshake audio. I’ve labeled some signals according to which party transmitted them, and also put a concise explanation…

Remember when a 57K modem was the shit??

  1. Now that I have offices and people in places like Ukraine, Mexico, India, Singapore and Japan I can tell there are some places where 56K dial up is still the shit…. 🙂

    However, I am blessed to live in a city with Gigabit fiber. When Gigabit fiber is available more broadly it is going to have the same impact as moving from dial-up to broadband did. Remember, that move brought us things like YouTube and Netflix. Imagine what a couple of orders of magnitude jump from there will bring….


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