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by Greg Robertson on March 19th, 2015

With all the hub-bub going on with “Z2K” its been pretty easy to miss that has a lot going on….

In a first, powering MLS public-facing website

“Connecting consumers to Realtors on without displaying competing banner advertising was a top priority, ensuring the conversation stayed focused on helping Tulsa consumers find their next home,” said Mike Cotrill, CEO of GTAR, in a statement.”

Another tidbit about the article from above.

“, the fourth most popular real estate portal in the nation, began powering the national websites for franchise powerhouses Re/Max in 2006 and ERA in 2012,…”

Back in 2006 eNeighborhoods originally signed the deal with RE/MAX. eNeighborhoods was then acquired by Dominion Enterprises (the parent company of Through that acquisition, other competition, changes in leadership at RE/MAX, the “Great Recession”, a lot of other shit I don’t know about, Andy Woolley and his team deserve a lot of credit for keeping that relationship (and revenue) going. 9 years is a helluva lot of time in this industry. also rolled out a new look, a more friendly version of the “3 headed monster”. retools ads for buyer’s agents

“Our new advertising product is the result of extensive discussions with agents, brokers, MLSs and industry partners to find the best way to connect engaged consumers with buyer’s agents as they search for their next home,” said President David Mele in a statement. “ Local Connect clearly displays the listing agent at the top of every lead form and ensures that consumer leads are always routed back to the listing agent or broker, regardless of whether the listing is displayed for free or through paid advertising.”

And signed up with Clareity’s Direct Connection tool.

‘Easy button’ could help brokers manage direct MLS feeds

“Implementing Clareity Direct Connections offers another resource to improve the accuracy and quality of listings on, while providing MLSs and brokers a user-friendly way to opt in to display their listings on and marketing products,” said Andy Woolley, vice president of industry development, in a statement.

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  1. Thanks Greg.. the team over here is certainly not sitting still… although we do have a slightly Southerner approach to our business (at least the Norfolk, VA team), looking at how we can be more agent/industry friendly, keep consumers happy, and have some fun doing it. Cheers

  2. Travis Wright permalink

    I think is underrated. Good people putting out a great product for the industry and consumers.

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