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by Greg Robertson on April 22nd, 2015

1000watt Consulting may have just given the entire brokerage industry a rally cry….

Here’s a expcerpt from Joel Burslem’s post “The Zillow Effect

And while Zillow representatives talk about how they “don’t want to get into the MLS business,” I think that’s rather like Uber saying it “doesn’t want to get into taxi cab business.

Both may be true statements of intent, but perhaps not of effect.

As someone who works every day with brokers to define their future, I think the effects are what really matter.

I believe Zillow has built that marketplace Barton described from the stage in San Francisco nearly a decade ago.”

Emphasis mine.

So smart, I wish I wrote it. Go read the post now.

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  1. Greg: I attended that Inman conference when Barton took the stage. I think most of us in the audience were confused with the word ‘Zillow’ that we didn’t see or understand the implications of what he was proposing.

    Great article by Joel. Wish I had written it!

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