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T3 Tech Guide

by Greg Robertson on May 4th, 2015

This might be a little late, but one of things that I was totally impressed with at the T3 Summit in Vegas earlier this month was their T3 Tech Guide. Jack Miller did an excellent job putting this together.

And I know what you are thinking…”Tech guide huh?, isn’t that just a bunch of product ads?” Not this baby, they really did an excellent job really giving each of the products they selected the run down (alas Cloud CMA or Cloud Streams didn’t make the list, maybe next year).

I was also struck at how much the quality of real estate software applications has improved. The guide is over 212 pages and chock full of screen shots and use cases. I also like the product matrix they do to compare core features.


Stefan already had a good business with his yearly “Trends” report and this looks like another winner.

If you were at the T3 Summit you got one for free. If not they have a site up where you can order and see other various events they are doing around the launch.

Check it out at

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