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Alon Chaver joins BPP as “outside director”

by Greg Robertson on June 30th, 2015

Departing Trulia Executive Joins Broker Public Portal Board of Managers

“Arroyo Grande, CA – June 30th, 2015 – In the wake of the Broker Public Portal’s first board meeting comes the announcement that Alon Chaver, former Vice President of Industry Services at Trulia, has agreed to join the company’s Board of Managers. The governance of the LLC allows the Board to nominate two outside directors. Mr. Chaver is the first of those two.”

Nice get for BPP. Alon is solid and well respected. Interesting that he didn’t have a non-compete.

From → Portal, Press Release

  1. My understanding: non-competes are basically unenforceable in California.

  2. That’s true. And I guess it’s really not really another “job”. I still find it interesting that after leaving Trulia Alon is now helping a project that is designed to create a new portal competing against the portal he just left.

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