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RE/MAX partners with Homes.com for wide reaching “Tech Next” initiative.

Looks like this is a big win for Homes.com! Here are some highlights:

Homes Media Solutions will design and power a new remax.com site. To be launched sometime in 2016. At its core the new site will be designed to generate more referral-free leads. Homes.com is owned by Dominion Enterprises.

RE/MAX’s company owned regions (COR) will also get a brand new lead management solution/CRM, a re-designed Homes Connect, also powered by Homes Media Solutions. Part of the new Homes Connect platform gives every COR RE/MAX agent a mobile friendly single page agent website. Non-company owned regions can also participate.

So it looks like for COR Homes.com will power both the front end and back end.

Congrats to Andy Woolley and his team for making this happen. Since first signing a deal with RE/MAX, as part of eNeighborhoods(before they were acquired by Dominion Enterprises), they have kept the relationship and deals alive for over 10 years.

  1. Congratulations to the Homes.com (fka eNeighborhoods) Team! This collaboration a decade ago with RE/MAX was one of the most important achievements of my career. It’s great to see it still growing after all these years, with the same people I worked with!

    Stu Siegel

  2. Nice. Big congratulations to Andy Woolley and team! A true testament to the depth of value they’ve built into and across the Homes Connect platform over the years.

  3. Congratulations to Andy, a consummate professional who has led this remarkable partnership with ReMax. In an era where deals and dealmakers come and go, it is rewarding to see that the Homes/ReMax relationship has stood the test of time. Well done!

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