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IRES MLS in data share fight with other larger Colorado MLS providers.

by Greg Robertson on September 1st, 2015

And the hits keep coming….

Just heard that a fight might be brewing in Colorado between IRES MLS and REColorado (formerly Metrolist) and Pikes Peak. The story is that IRES hasn’t been complying with existing MLS data share agreements. These issues can always get sticky because larger brokers cover more than one MLS.

UPDATE 9-2-15:

Here’s a blog post from REColorado’s CEO, Kirby Slunaker, regarding the situation.

And a well written response form Lauren Hansen, CEO of IRES MLS.

Some might not think this is really not that newsworthy. I guess when I first posted it I was reading the crap going on in South Florida. But this is really in stark contrast to that situation (and I understand that each situation is different). Both REColorado and IRES MLS have complaints. They both have issues with each other. But I think both MLS providers have done an excellent job of keeping things professional and respectful (at least publicly). And I think that’d pretty cool.

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